Time Magazine

This is my Time Magazine design. I’ll try to find a way to incorporate cats into any assignment. I chose this picture because the cat looks serious and Time Magazine is taken seriously. The picture can be seen here.



For this daily create, we had to make an invoice. In order to relate it to the class, I decided to make the item and description match the assignments due this week. Quantity stood for the number of stars and number of that particular assignment. Instead of money, the cost was time..since this is a time-consuming class. The tweet can be found here.

A dog who doesn’t want to share and a cat who doesn’t care

Honestly I had to google what growlery meant, but you can find my tweet here

My cat Milo can fall asleep just about anywhere and when my dog Chloe saw him in her cage, she wasn’t having it. She’d sit in her cage and whine until Milo got annoyed enough to go find somewhere else to sleep. The funny part is she didn’t really want to be in her crate; she just didn’t want Milo in there.

Tom and Jerry

Tell a story in two pictures… well sometimes Tom and Jerry get along, but it never lasts long.