Video Summaries


The first video I watched was Camera Angles and Techniques. The zolly adds a disorienting visual effect by using a camera to zoom out and a zolly to zoom in causing the viewer to focus in on the subject. Camera placement is always important but especially in action scenes to make them dynamic and dramatic. Camera angles help the viewer see a 3- dimensional world. They give an example of how you can pretend to be climbing and use different camera angles to make it look more realistic and interesting.

The second video I watched was The Shining- Zooms. This is a movie I’ve never seen before but the effects shown in this clip make it look like it’s worth watching. The way that there are multiple angles of some characters all on the screen at once is neat. There’s different lighting and facial expressions coming from the same characters. I haven’t heard the story so I’m not sure why it was done like this, but it looked like a way of ordering chaos. Each part had their own little box and they lined up one-by-one on the screen and the audio from each overlapped each other. If I had watched the movie, it’d probably be more obvious as to why that scene was done this way.

The video below wasn’t on the list, but I wanted to include it because it’s pretty cool. It goes over creative ways to do comedy rather than making the dialogue be the only funny thing in the movie. Edgar Wright is known for his neat ideas and this video touches on some. Check it out if you’d like!

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