Where Do My Shoes Take Me?

Process: I took a slightly different approach when putting this video together and there were some big pros and cons which I will go into later. I wasn’t a huge fan of iMovie so I decided to take advantage of the awesome features my new Samsung Galaxy s8 has. I recorded a bunch of clips and cropped them each individually under the edit tab by just dragging the ends of the clip to cut parts out. Within the camera app on the phone, you have the option to add audio to your recorded videos so I tried to select a sound that matched the video and make it a little humorous (for the cat and snake part). I saved each video then downloaded the Movie Maker app on my phone(taking screenshots in the app was very difficult so I couldn’t include a step-by-step picture guide). With that, I was able to upload all my clips into one video. There I had the option to add transitions and text to each clip.  Instead of explaining every detail here in the blog like I did with the College Snapshot assignment, I tried to be creative and incorporate that aspect into the video without making it super long.

Screenshot_20170720-132433.png Screenshot_20170720-143527Screenshot_20170720-132500.png

Pros: Straight forward, easy-to-understand layout, wide selection of sound effects, ability to add text with different fonts and sizing, changes in speed of each clip, and transition options.

Cons: Working on a small screen, positioning of text was difficult, and time consuming. With this being an app for phones, viewing the video on larger screens makes it blurry and leads to the black bars on the side. I couldn’t find a way to fix this.

Overall, this is an amazing editing app in the palm of your hands (literally since it’s all on the phone) with more pros than cons. iMovie probably has all of these features and more, but I didn’t enjoy using it enough to explore that much. With this, I had fun playing around with all of the effects and I think the convenience of everything on the phone was very nice. I could work on this assignment in the car when Daniel was driving and I felt I was using my time wisely.

Story: For the story, I should be answering the question, where do my shoes take me? But the point of adding text to the video was so I wouldn’t have to write an essay here, as my feet do go many places. So I hope the texts help viewers understand what’s going on. Unlike many people my age, I don’t have my phone on me 24/7. Especially on fun days (like when I go kayaking) where I’d rather be paying attention to what’s going on in front of me instead of my phone. And I can go to school or go shopping and leave it at home, so not everything I did was captured on video. Besides I think that’d be boring to watch. I just go to school, do homework, and eat. I tried to make it funny by adding the music for the cats and the snake part.

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