Sound Effects Story

This week’s required assignment involved making a story using only sound effects. You can listen to mine on Soundcloud.

My story is about a guy going for a walk then he sees a car crash. He runs to the scene and uses his phone to call for help. He checks the heartbeat of one driver then the ambulance comes. I chose this because it isn’t boring, everyday noises and it’s easy to follow without listening to any voices. I used to download 6 different sounds. 1. walking 2. car crash 3. running 4. phone calling 5. heartbeat and 6. sirens.

I used audacity to cut the clips because some of them were too long and would cause the clip to exceed the 90-second limit and moved them around until I got them in the order I wanted. In the picture you can see how to import audio files and behind that are the sounds I chose. The hardest part was not being able to include voices because I think it’d be better to hear “what’s your emergency?” in the clip. But even without that, I think any listener could guess what’s going on.

Ira Glass Two Parts/Jad Abumrad Summary

One of the key points he talks about in part one is the importance of telling a story as a series of events and keeping the listener engaged by making them ask a question. A question which the storyteller will answer by the time he’s/she’s finished and there will be a moment of reflection. The big idea in part two is the challenge of finding a story. That’s more time-consuming than the editing and producing. It’s normal to try many things and have none of them work the way you pictured. You get better by making mistakes.

In Jad’s video talked about the lack of visual effects so you have to be creative when telling stories so the listener can picture what’s going on themselves. Empathy can be created between the speaker and the listener because they’re dependent on each other. He uses the term co-imagining to describe the connection between the speaker and listener.

Twitter Poster

My first daily create for week 3 was to make an off-beat inspirational poster. I found a picture of a businessman and used to sharpen the image and insert the text, “You get what you work for. Not what you wish for.” I didn’t want an identity in the picture and that’s why his face can’t be seen. By not having an identity shown, it allows the viewer to place themselves in the picture and this quote applies to everyone.

Week 2 Review

The biggest thing I learned this week was how to embed sites. For a long time, I thought attaching links meant embedding but I see now I was wrong. I tried to include all important aspects for each assignment and I think I’ve improved since last week.

1. The daily creates were pretty straightforward. I just couldn’t really figure out how to have fun when creating them because nothing special came to mind for them.

First Daily Create: here

Second Daily Create: here

Third Daily Create: here

Fourth Daily Create: here

Fifth Daily Create: here

2. The reason why I chose all of these assignments from the assignment bank is because an idea came to me instantly when I read them. This class is so fast that I really don’t have time to sit around and think about something I could do. Especially when I’m also taking a chemistry course that is required for my major.

  • The truthful movie poster, which can be found here, was easy because I already had that photo saved and used Aviary to add text.
  • The tattoo that describes me, which can be found here, was also pretty easy because I like simple designs and cats so those two elements were combined.
  • The contradictions assignment, which can be found here, was basically the same as the the movie poster. I took an existing picture and added text using Aviary.
  • For the Valentine’s assignment, which can be found here, I tried to be more creative and come up with something special. The bad thing about Valentine’s Day is everything is so generic. How can you find a special something for someone when everyone is getting the same thing?
  • Are we there yet, the required assignment which can be found here, was more challenging since I’ve never used gimp before. That is why I chose a simpler subject and background.
  • I chose animals doing funny things, which can be found here, for one gif because I’ll do any assignment that involves animals. Pugs are cute and ice cream is good. Simple as that.
  • The second gif, which can be found here, is a ballerina that looks like she’s dancing. I chose this because I took a ballet class last Fall and enjoyed it more than I thought I would.

3. The hardest assignment this week was the photoblitz. Some design concepts such as unity and dominance were difficult to spot. And trying to find a meaning behind everything is difficult for me; I just see things as they are. Unfortunately I couldn’t use my good Sony camera for these pictures because of injuring my right hand. I had to use my iPhone since it only requires one hand to be held. After looking into some of the pictures, I could see that most incorporated multiple design concepts, but I chose one for each to focus on. I uploaded all four photos to Flickr here.




Make Your Own Data

Everyone debates on the best phone and most are between the iPhone and Samsung Galaxy. I myself am trying to figure out if I should leave my beloved iPhone behind and switch to Samsung. It’s been on my mind for awhile and that’s why I decided to make this. Here’s some fake data I made about cell phone users on Twitter.

Design Blitz

While doing this assignment, I realized there’s a lot more to things than what meets the eye. Companies do a good job of incorporating these design concepts into their work to make them visually appealing and rememberable with a hidden message.

Symbolism Below is a picture of a t-shirt I have. Pratt & Whitney is an American aircraft engine manufacturer. The two reasons why I chose this for symbolism can be found in the previous sentence you just read. 1. It’s an American company. The bald eagle that can be seen on the shirt represents that, as it is America’s national bird. 2. They specialize in aircraft engines. To fly like an eagle is another way this demonstrates symbolism.


While Moo Thru may be a 50-minute drive from home, it’s totally worth it. I love the design of the company’s name because it’s so fitting. You can see in the picture the eyes are the two o’s in Moo, the letter u has an utter and tail, and the letters in between are like the cow’s body. You can see how the word ‘real’ is highlighted in both statements below and with this, they are sending the message of dairy specialty from dairy farmers. What helps even more with this is the fact the building itself looks like a little barn. This shows authenticity and how serious they take their product which makes that 50-minute drive worth it.

Balance I had a little difficulty choosing one concept for this one because I feel like an argument could be made for a few. I choose balance as the overall concept because this book is dealing with the mind. They want to bring peace and positivity to those who read it. The head is centers and upright surrounded by feathers and the bird is off to the left side. But I can also see symbolism because the head is a cage and the bird is a heavy weight. I see proportion because of the visual weight established. The head is empty, free of that bird holding it down.

Rhythm This is the cover of my laptop case. I chose rhythm as the concept because of the alteration of elements such as the color. There vibrant and lively and work-friendly. There is a central focal point, the apple on the MacBook, and the design radiates from it. There’s symmetry no matter which way you cut it. I don’t think there’s any special ideas behind this design, it’s just pretty.

I chose these because each had elements that stood out to me and fit the concepts listed.


For my second gif, I made a dancing ballerina. I took a ballet class last year and enjoyed it. So that was the first thing I thought of when I saw this assignment. I found a photo online of different ballet positions then cropped them individually. I wanted the same girl for each picture. This was just a generic drawing of a ballerina because I couldn’t find pictures of a person that I liked. Just like the pug gif I made, I created layers with each photo and exported it as a gif.

New Perspective

While taking a break from my chemistry homework, I decided to check out today’s daily create: Take a picture of something familiar from a new perspective. My calculator that I use everyday was right in front of me. So instead of taking a traditional approach and shooting from above the calculator, I chose to give a side view. The photo can be viewed here.

Time Magazine

This is my Time Magazine design. I’ll try to find a way to incorporate cats into any assignment. I chose this picture because the cat looks serious and Time Magazine is taken seriously. The picture can be seen here.


Before, During, and After

For this assignment, Animals Doing Funny Things, we had to make a gif of an animal doing something funny. I chose pictures of a calm pug, a pug eating ice cream, and a pug with a crazy, excited look on his face. So in the gif, it’s what a pug looks like before he eats ice cream, while he eats ice cream, and after he eats ice cream.

In gimp, I made 3 layers and uploaded them in the order I wanted them to show up. I exported it as .gif and cropped them so they’d be the same size. I checked the ‘as animation’ box and looped it forever. I chose to slow the animation down a bit so you can actually see each picture. The automatic setting went through the photos so fast, I couldn’t even tell what kind of dog it was. I clicked export then uploaded it here.

I’ve never made a gif before so I had to do a little research in gimp. The hardest part was finding photos that fit together.