For this daily create, we had to make an invoice. In order to relate it to the class, I decided to make the item and description match the assignments due this week. Quantity stood for the number of stars and number of that particular assignment. Instead of money, the cost was time..since this is a time-consuming class. The tweet can be found here.

A dog who doesn’t want to share and a cat who doesn’t care

Honestly I had to google what growlery meant, but you can find my tweet here

My cat Milo can fall asleep just about anywhere and when my dog Chloe saw him in her cage, she wasn’t having it. She’d sit in her cage and whine until Milo got annoyed enough to go find somewhere else to sleep. The funny part is she didn’t really want to be in her crate; she just didn’t want Milo in there.


This assignment was to take a movie poster and add the truth to it. While I’m sure there are some people who are genuinely interested in Dunkirk, a movie that will be released July 21st that is about the Battle of Dunkirk during the second World War, I think the majority of people who go will be there for one reason. Harry Styles. Mr. Styles is a man of many talents and he’s added acting to that list. According to, Dunkirk is predicted to be one of the top-grossing movies of 2017. That is why I added “a.k.a that one movie Harry Styles is in” because his popularity will likely lead to many sales.

I’m very excited for this movie to be released. When I saw an assignment involving movie posters, I knew I could use this one I already had saved on my laptop. I wanted to use one of the official posters because they look realistic and because the movie hasn’t been released yet. With the help of I just added the text. You can check out more about the movie here.

Everyone Loves Math Equations, Right?

Valentine’s Day cards can be pretty cheesy and the point of this assignment was to create something that is better. Well I’m not sure if this is necessarily better, but I wouldn’t mind receiving something like this on love day. I chose red and white since those are traditional Valentine’s Day colors. I chose a blocky font because it’s only a math equation and it’s easy to read. I think fonts in cursive would look better on words about emotions.

Me being the nerd I am, I know this equation makes a perfect heart when you graph it.Don’t believe me? Check it out here for yourself. This is unique and special and definitely not something you’d find on a cheesy Hallmark card. Of course something like this couldn’t be given to just anyone; make sure they’re a fan of math first. But again, that makes this special because it’s not a “one size fits all” kind of card. I like simplicity so creating a heart in Microsoft word with that equation wasn’t hard. I chose word because I knew it’d display the exponents correctly. Websites like wouldn’t.

This is for the Valentine’s Alternative assignment.



This is a picture I took while driving through Charlottesville and I think it’s beautiful. The mountains and scenic views are always worth stopping for. I love nature and spending time outside because there’s a reminder that there’s more to life than the computer your on and the phone sitting next to you. One thing I find frustrating is when people want to get on the internet instead of enjoying the beauty this world has to offer. Asking for the wifi password in the mountains sounded like a good contradiction to me.

This is for the Contradiction Creation assignment.

Picking Out a Tattoo that Matches Personality

While tattoos look meaningless to some, that person with the tattoo feels differently. Tattoos tell stories and can be a piece of us. If you’ve seen my earlier posts, you know I love cats. I feel I have a connection with cats and to my friends, I’m known as the “Cat Whisperer”. So it should be no surprise that I’d pick a cat tattoo. I absolutely love the simplicity of this design and how peaceful it looks. While the lines aren’t connected, you can still see the sleeping cat. I think the black lines are essential to this to make in more realistic and visually appealing. Other colors would make it look artificial. Most cats enjoy sleeping and quiet do I. They are independent and usually confident, and those are qualities I strive for.

If anyone is thinking of getting a tattoo, I definitely recommend trying to merge your own design into it. It’ll be there forever, so making it unique by adding a piece of you to it will not only make it special but it’ll be something you won’t regret later.

This is for the Tattoos that Describe You assignment.

First Week Review

I enjoyed going through all the assignments in the bank and picking the ones I wanted to do. It can be difficult to complete 10 stars worth of assignments if there’s nothing there you can run with. Since the class moves so quickly having plenty of options is very helpful. This week I learned about thanks to the visual assignments and it worked out nicely. The links are listed below.

I did 3 daily creates this week and I tried to be creative with them. My favorite was ‘Create a Fantasy Band’ and I made a concert photograph of a couple of dogs and a cat playing instruments and gave them the band name “Pawsitive Vibes”. I’m going to run out of animal puns by the end of this course.

The photo safari was the most challenging assignment this week. Taking pictures of things for the list wasn’t that difficult but trying to find those things in a 15-minute time frame is what made it hard. That time crunch forces you to work with what’s immediately available.

The amount of work this week wasn’t bad. I know the weeks to come will be challenging since I’m taking this course on top of my required chemistry course. I can already see the work piling up before my eyes. But I’m going to try really hard to get through this.


Photo Safari

This assignment was a little bit more challenging because of the 15 minute time restraint. Looking through the bullet points I was able to think of so many ideas but finding those things in 15 minutes and taking a decent picture wasn’t as easy as I thought. I chose to do this in my bedroom because it contains the most stuff. I noticed the lighting in my room isn’t very good, maybe I should get another lamp… I think I was able to find most of what was listed with the unfortunate lighting circumstances. My favorite photo is the one I took of an elephant figure. I chose to sit it in front of the brown curtains to keep a natural color present. It looks realistic to me and I think it turned out well. Below are the bullet points I chose.

  • Take a photo of a single color
  • Take a photo at an interesting angle
  • Take a photo of a bright light
  • Take a photo of someone’s shoes
  • Take a photo of an inanimate object and make it look alive
  • Take a photo of 2 things that don’t belong together
  • Take a photo that shows a repeating pattern
  • Take a photo where you move the camera
  • Take a photo that represents complexity

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Tom and Jerry

Tell a story in two pictures… well sometimes Tom and Jerry get along, but it never lasts long.