Ira Glass Two Parts/Jad Abumrad Summary

One of the key points he talks about in part one is the importance of telling a story as a series of events and keeping the listener engaged by making them ask a question. A question which the storyteller will answer by the time he’s/she’s finished and there will be a moment of reflection. The big idea in part two is the challenge of finding a story. That’s more time-consuming than the editing and producing. It’s normal to try many things and have none of them work the way you pictured. You get better by making mistakes.

In Jad’s video talked about the lack of visual effects so you have to be creative when telling stories so the listener can picture what’s going on themselves. Empathy can be created between the speaker and the listener because they’re dependent on each other. He uses the term co-imagining to describe the connection between the speaker and listener.

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