Moon Graffiti Summary

Moon Graffiti is an audio drama made by The Truth Podcast and it is about when Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin landed on the moon in 1969.  The question this clip is based on is, what if they crashed? A speech had been prepared by Nixon in the event they did not make it. They use this to change the outcome of the story. The performers use many sounds and voices to keep the story story interesting. With this being an audio drama, sound is the most critical aspect. The crashing noises, technical and static noises, etc. helps the listener tremendously follow what’s happening. It allows them to visualize the story since that aspect is absent here. The sounds other than the voices have to be able to guide the story. For example the crashing followed by utter silence highlights how the two astronauts are now completely alone without any communication to anyone besides each other. The addition of voices are what guide the listeners emotions. They talked about what they’d be leaving behind and what they’re doing there which are deep, sincere topics. And Nixon’s speech adds the seriousness that leads the listener to think, what if it did happen this way and what would things be like now? At the beginning the narrator explains the background and puts all aspects in perspective for the listener which helps the overall purpose of this story.

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