My Cleaning Playlist

Cleaning and organizing can be difficult in silence. That’s why I must have a cleaning playlist. I like for most of the songs to be upbeat to keep me moving. If classical music was playing, I’d probably end up laying in bed while looking at old photo albums or something. Then I wouldn’t get anything accomplished. While the first to songs are a little slower, I still like them a lot (Harry is one of my all-time favorite music artists).  It kind of helps me get started as the other songs get faster later on. The other songs don’t really hold any personal meaning, they’re just fun to listen to. I don’t want a lot of super serious songs that will put me deep in thought because that’ll distract me from cleaning. These are songs I can sing along and occasionally dance to in the comfort of my room knowing I won’t be judged by anyone. It’s just a way to make cleaning less painful.





I searched for each song I wanted then added to my playlist in Soundcloud. You can see in the picture how I went about adding each song…just find the song, click on the ‘More’ button and then add to playlist. Very simple.

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