Sound Effects Story

This week’s required assignment involved making a story using only sound effects. You can listen to mine on Soundcloud.

My story is about a guy going for a walk then he sees a car crash. He runs to the scene and uses his phone to call for help. He checks the heartbeat of one driver then the ambulance comes. I chose this because it isn’t boring, everyday noises and it’s easy to follow without listening to any voices. I used to download 6 different sounds. 1. walking 2. car crash 3. running 4. phone calling 5. heartbeat and 6. sirens.

I used audacity to cut the clips because some of them were too long and would cause the clip to exceed the 90-second limit and moved them around until I got them in the order I wanted. In the picture you can see how to import audio files and behind that are the sounds I chose. The hardest part was not being able to include voices because I think it’d be better to hear “what’s your emergency?” in the clip. But even without that, I think any listener could guess what’s going on.

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  1. Your story was amazing! I totally followed what was going on. Ironically enough, we used the same walking sound effect! The only thing I could maybe recommend is to include screen shots when you’re talking about Audacity. There are a ton of features in there and some people may not be able to find them.

  2. You did a great job layering your sounds. Having more than one sound going on at once makes the story seem more realistic and makes it come to life. It was very easy to be able to keep up with the story and know exactly what was going on.

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