TED Radio Hour/ScottLo Summaries

There’s a narrator for the story of an MIT professor named Sherri and her voice is used to tell parts of what she saw in a nursing home where a robot was being used to interact with the elderly. Uplifting music played while recordings of real interaction played because that’s what the robot was doing; uplifting those in the home. One woman lost her child and Sherri was amazed at the amount of comfort this robot brought to the woman. Everyone around seemed happy and took this as positive progress while Sherri, however, felt depressed. The music suddenly stopped. It was a turning point in her research. The clip leaves off with a cliffhanger because you’ll have to tune in for more if you want to hear the rest of the story.

ScottLo discusses and gives examples of various ds106 assignments. The episodes usually begin with some clip that relate to the topic to be discussed. The point of all of them is to help ds106 students. In Episode 8, he gives tips on changing your name on your blog from admin to something else and remembering to tag all of your assignments. In Episode 9, he goes over an assignment for making a radio bumper. He plays four examples and talks about challenges a student had with Audacity. The examples he plays are very diverse highlighting student’s creativity. In Episode 10, the topic is telling stories on the radio. The clip starts with a radio cast from 1970 which is an example for suspenseful radio. In Episode 11, background sounds are used throughout the telling of a story. The noises are distracting and makes it harder to hear him and I don’t understand the noises and how he’s going over people’s comments on the radio bumper assignments relate. In Episode 12, the problem with exporting mp3s in audacity is addressed and the radio assignment is discussed. In Episode 13, an audio assignment I did was discussed called Make Your Own Ringtone and how to avoid losing work in Audacity. In Episode 14,  he challenges listeners to try to tell a story in the kind of framework from the example he plays.


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  1. You gave a great description for these posts. For the TED Radio Hour post did you think that the missing audio at one point of the audio post was weird? Do you wish the audio post was longer?
    Good job of explaining each episode in the ScottLo series. I feel a lot more informed about the topic after your post.

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