Third Week Summary

Part 1: Assignments

Daily Creates with a short explanation I made this week can be found here.

Comments I made this week can be found here. I tried to edit my assignments based on the comments my classmates made for me. Most wanted a better explanation on the process of how I did something so I revised my work by adding some screen shots on how I did certain things to hopefully help with that. With an artistic class like this, it’s cool to look at each other’s work because it can help bounce ideas around if you’re stuck and learn new techniques from each other. I’m learning more and more about Audacity just from looking at other Sound Effect Stories my classmates made which is nice.

Audio Assignments I made this week can be found here.

Total 13.5 Stars

Summaries I made this week can be found here.

Part 2: Reflection

I do think I improved from last week. Maybe not much with the unfortunate circumstances I’ve been in this past week, but I am trying to do better. The video/audio summaries were probably the hardest assignments this week just because I felt I could spend more time on actually doing the assignments rather than listening and summing up someone else’s views. I understand the importance of it but I didn’t have a lot of time to dedicate to this for medical reasons. I think the only thing I’d do differently is listen to those assignments while I was in the hospital for hours because then I probably would’ve gotten more from them.

I’ve only used Audacity once when I had to record my voice for an online presentation so I was only slightly familiar with it. It was nice to be able to learn more about the program features and intricacies such as the effects I used in the Song Story Assignment and Sound Effects Story Assignment. Audacity has so much more to offer than I realized and I think this is a tool that will come in handy for other classes. If I had known about the fading in and out effects when I used Audacity the first time, I think I would’ve gotten a better grade on that presentation because the issue was not being able to hear my voice over the song. Now that I know more, it’ll be a useful tool when it comes to creativity.

The assignments aren’t necessarily hard, just time-consuming. It’s easy to become frustrated in the editing process and this highlights the importance of starting the assignments early in the week. I can’t wait until the last minute for anything because it doesn’t take much to irritate me, but there are still some things that just demand so much time such as the Sound Effects Story Assignment. First, you have to think of an exciting story. Second, you have to figure out how to take any dialogue out of the story. Third, you have to make sure the story still makes sense to the listener without any dialogue or added visual effects. Forth, you have find all of the sound clips you need online. Fifth, learn how to order them in Audacity. Sixth, listen/edit it 20 times until it sounds right. Seventh, write about and how you did it. It’s not that difficult but repeating a similar process for numerous assignments does take up a lot of time.

The assignment I enjoyed most this week was the Song Story Assignment. It’s easy to talk about a special memory and songs help me relive those moments. Reflecting on how far Daniel and I have come since the day we met, the day I heard that song for the first time, always makes me happy.

An overall issue with the work and course is that it is so short and different than any other class I’ve taken. With the course being short, there is not a buffer period where I can adapt to the new culture, styles, and grading criteria fast enough to recover. Another issue is that unlike all the science and math courses I have taken where there is a known right and wrong, art is subjective requires a new way of thinking and a breaking of the grading paradigm. Though with hard work and some serious effort, the art I make should stand to the strictest of standards.

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