Saturday’s Daily Create

Last month I took a 3D printing class just for fun. I found out there’s a lot of useful things you can make such as this back panel clip. The only downside is 3D printing feels like it takes forever. Just for this little clip, about one inch in length, took about 35 minutes. I’ve wanted to make supplies for my desk like a cord clip organizer, but some take over 2 hours to make. It’s hard to set aside so much time for something I don’t need at this very moment. But I’m sure I’ll do it one day.

I chose to put a diagram of the printer behind the clip because I needed to lay it on something and I thought that paper made more sense than just laying it on the floor. This way the background relates to the object.

Just Another Daily Create

I honestly don’t keep up with anyone in the political world because I don’t like how people argue about those touchy topics. So I really don’t know much about this guy, but I figured I’d put him in a desert since that’s basically the opposite of a nice, pretty beach with salt water as far as the eye can see.

Daily Create Tour

Today’s daily create was “you, on tour” and since I’ve had my upcoming trip to the Dominican Republic on my mind lately, I decided to use that. My picture can be found here. I found a picture online of Punta Cana and used to add text to it. The only hard part was choosing a picture. They’re all so beautiful!

Twitter Poster

My first daily create for week 3 was to make an off-beat inspirational poster. I found a picture of a businessman and used to sharpen the image and insert the text, “You get what you work for. Not what you wish for.” I didn’t want an identity in the picture and that’s why his face can’t be seen. By not having an identity shown, it allows the viewer to place themselves in the picture and this quote applies to everyone.

Make Your Own Data

Everyone debates on the best phone and most are between the iPhone and Samsung Galaxy. I myself am trying to figure out if I should leave my beloved iPhone behind and switch to Samsung. It’s been on my mind for awhile and that’s why I decided to make this. Here’s some fake data I made about cell phone users on Twitter.

New Perspective

While taking a break from my chemistry homework, I decided to check out today’s daily create: Take a picture of something familiar from a new perspective. My calculator that I use everyday was right in front of me. So instead of taking a traditional approach and shooting from above the calculator, I chose to give a side view. The photo can be viewed here.