Before, During, and After

For this assignment, Animals Doing Funny Things, we had to make a gif of an animal doing something funny. I chose pictures of a calm pug, a pug eating ice cream, and a pug with a crazy, excited look on his face. So in the gif, it’s what a pug looks like before he eats ice cream, while he eats ice cream, and after he eats ice cream.

In gimp, I made 3 layers and uploaded them in the order I wanted them to show up. I exported it as .gif and cropped them so they’d be the same size. I checked the ‘as animation’ box and looped it forever. I chose to slow the animation down a bit so you can actually see each picture. The automatic setting went through the photos so fast, I couldn’t even tell what kind of dog it was. I clicked export then uploaded it here.

I’ve never made a gif before so I had to do a little research in gimp. The hardest part was finding photos that fit together.


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