Design Blitz

While doing this assignment, I realized there’s a lot more to things than what meets the eye. Companies do a good job of incorporating these design concepts into their work to make them visually appealing and rememberable with a hidden message.

Symbolism Below is a picture of a t-shirt I have. Pratt & Whitney is an American aircraft engine manufacturer. The two reasons why I chose this for symbolism can be found in the previous sentence you just read. 1. It’s an American company. The bald eagle that can be seen on the shirt represents that, as it is America’s national bird. 2. They specialize in aircraft engines. To fly like an eagle is another way this demonstrates symbolism.


While Moo Thru may be a 50-minute drive from home, it’s totally worth it. I love the design of the company’s name because it’s so fitting. You can see in the picture the eyes are the two o’s in Moo, the letter u has an utter and tail, and the letters in between are like the cow’s body. You can see how the word ‘real’ is highlighted in both statements below and with this, they are sending the message of dairy specialty from dairy farmers. What helps even more with this is the fact the building itself looks like a little barn. This shows authenticity and how serious they take their product which makes that 50-minute drive worth it.

Balance I had a little difficulty choosing one concept for this one because I feel like an argument could be made for a few. I choose balance as the overall concept because this book is dealing with the mind. They want to bring peace and positivity to those who read it. The head is centers and upright surrounded by feathers and the bird is off to the left side. But I can also see symbolism because the head is a cage and the bird is a heavy weight. I see proportion because of the visual weight established. The head is empty, free of that bird holding it down.

Rhythm This is the cover of my laptop case. I chose rhythm as the concept because of the alteration of elements such as the color. There vibrant and lively and work-friendly. There is a central focal point, the apple on the MacBook, and the design radiates from it. There’s symmetry no matter which way you cut it. I don’t think there’s any special ideas behind this design, it’s just pretty.

I chose these because each had elements that stood out to me and fit the concepts listed.

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  1. I really enjoyed reading through your design blitz. I remember seeing that Moo Thru on my way to my sister’s wedding and it looked packed! I especially enjoyed reading your view on proportion. The bird does add a sort of weight proportion and could also be considered a metaphor in some sort.

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