This assignment was to take a movie poster and add the truth to it. While I’m sure there are some people who are genuinely interested in Dunkirk, a movie that will be released July 21st that is about the Battle of Dunkirk during the second World War, I think the majority of people who go will be there for one reason. Harry Styles. Mr. Styles is a man of many talents and he’s added acting to that list. According to screenrant.com, Dunkirk is predicted to be one of the top-grossing movies of 2017. That is why I added “a.k.a that one movie Harry Styles is in” because his popularity will likely lead to many sales.

I’m very excited for this movie to be released. When I saw an assignment involving movie posters, I knew I could use this one I already had saved on my laptop. I wanted to use one of the official posters because they look realistic and because the movie hasn’t been released yet. With the help of aviary.com I just added the text. You can check out more about the movie here.

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