Everyone Loves Math Equations, Right?

Valentine’s Day cards can be pretty cheesy and the point of this assignment was to create something that is better. Well I’m not sure if this is necessarily better, but I wouldn’t mind receiving something like this on love day. I chose red and white since those are traditional Valentine’s Day colors. I chose a blocky font because it’s only a math equation and it’s easy to read. I think fonts in cursive would look better on words about emotions.

Me being the nerd I am, I know this equation makes a perfect heart when you graph it.Don’t believe me? Check it out here for yourself. This is unique and special and definitely not something you’d find on a cheesy Hallmark card. Of course something like this couldn’t be given to just anyone; make sure they’re a fan of math first. But again, that makes this special because it’s not a “one size fits all” kind of card. I like simplicity so creating a heart in Microsoft word with that equation wasn’t hard. I chose word because I knew it’d display the exponents correctly. Websites like aviary.com wouldn’t.

This is for the Valentine’s Alternative assignment.


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