Gimp Experiment

For this week’s required assignment, Are We There Yet, we had to take an existing photo and change something such as the background so it seems the subject of the photo is in a completely different place. My boyfriend has recently gotten into rebuilding cub cadets and although I don’t know much, I’ll still help out with the little things in the garage. I took a picture of one of his rebuilds in our driveway and combined it with the well-known windows xp background. After all, mowers do belong on the grass.

I used gimp for the very first time for this assignment. As of now, I’m not a big fan but that’s likely to be because I’m still learning. And learning can easily lead to frustration. Something like this looks like it took less than 5 minutes to do but it took me about 45 minutes to do. I had to watch some YouTube videos on gimp and mess around with the tools a bit until I came up with something. Erasing the background surrounding the tractor was a little tedious. I know gimp has some really cool features and I hope to learn more about them. Who knows, maybe I’ll learn something that can be used outside of this class.


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