Picking Out a Tattoo that Matches Personality

While tattoos look meaningless to some, that person with the tattoo feels differently. Tattoos tell stories and can be a piece of us. If you’ve seen my earlier posts, you know I love cats. I feel I have a connection with cats and to my friends, I’m known as the “Cat Whisperer”. So it should be no surprise that I’d pick a cat tattoo. I absolutely love the simplicity of this design and how peaceful it looks. While the lines aren’t connected, you can still see the sleeping cat. I think the black lines are essential to this to make in more realistic and visually appealing. Other colors would make it look artificial. Most cats enjoy sleeping and quiet environments..as do I. They are independent and usually confident, and those are qualities I strive for.

If anyone is thinking of getting a tattoo, I definitely recommend trying to merge your own design into it. It’ll be there forever, so making it unique by adding a piece of you to it will not only make it special but it’ll be something you won’t regret later.

This is for the Tattoos that Describe You assignment.

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