Week 2 Review

The biggest thing I learned this week was how to embed sites. For a long time, I thought attaching links meant embedding but I see now I was wrong. I tried to include all important aspects for each assignment and I think I’ve improved since last week.

1. The daily creates were pretty straightforward. I just couldn’t really figure out how to have fun when creating them because nothing special came to mind for them.

First Daily Create: here

Second Daily Create: here

Third Daily Create: here

Fourth Daily Create: here

Fifth Daily Create: here

2. The reason why I chose all of these assignments from the assignment bank is because an idea came to me instantly when I read them. This class is so fast that I really don’t have time to sit around and think about something I could do. Especially when I’m also taking a chemistry course that is required for my major.

  • The truthful movie poster, which can be found here, was easy because I already had that photo saved and used Aviary to add text.
  • The tattoo that describes me, which can be found here, was also pretty easy because I like simple designs and cats so those two elements were combined.
  • The contradictions assignment, which can be found here, was basically the same as the the movie poster. I took an existing picture and added text using Aviary.
  • For the Valentine’s assignment, which can be found here, I tried to be more creative and come up with something special. The bad thing about Valentine’s Day is everything is so generic. How can you find a special something for someone when everyone is getting the same thing?
  • Are we there yet, the required assignment which can be found here, was more challenging since I’ve never used gimp before. That is why I chose a simpler subject and background.
  • I chose animals doing funny things, which can be found here, for one gif because I’ll do any assignment that involves animals. Pugs are cute and ice cream is good. Simple as that.
  • The second gif, which can be found here, is a ballerina that looks like she’s dancing. I chose this because I took a ballet class last Fall and enjoyed it more than I thought I would.

3. The hardest assignment this week was the photoblitz. Some design concepts such as unity and dominance were difficult to spot. And trying to find a meaning behind everything is difficult for me; I just see things as they are. Unfortunately I couldn’t use my good Sony camera for these pictures because of injuring my right hand. I had to use my iPhone since it only requires one hand to be held. After looking into some of the pictures, I could see that most incorporated multiple design concepts, but I chose one for each to focus on. I uploaded all four photos to Flickr here.




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