First Week Review

I enjoyed going through all the assignments in the bank and picking the ones I wanted to do. It can be difficult to complete 10 stars worth of assignments if there’s nothing there you can run with. Since the class moves so quickly having plenty of options is very helpful. This week I learned about thanks to the visual assignments and it worked out nicely. The links are listed below.

I did 3 daily creates this week and I tried to be creative with them. My favorite was ‘Create a Fantasy Band’ and I made a concert photograph of a couple of dogs and a cat playing instruments and gave them the band name “Pawsitive Vibes”. I’m going to run out of animal puns by the end of this course.

The photo safari was the most challenging assignment this week. Taking pictures of things for the list wasn’t that difficult but trying to find those things in a 15-minute time frame is what made it hard. That time crunch forces you to work with what’s immediately available.

The amount of work this week wasn’t bad. I know the weeks to come will be challenging since I’m taking this course on top of my required chemistry course. I can already see the work piling up before my eyes. But I’m going to try really hard to get through this.


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