Photo Safari

This assignment was a little bit more challenging because of the 15 minute time restraint. Looking through the bullet points I was able to think of so many ideas but finding those things in 15 minutes and taking a decent picture wasn’t as easy as I thought. I chose to do this in my bedroom because it contains the most stuff. I noticed the lighting in my room isn’t very good, maybe I should get another lamp… I think I was able to find most of what was listed with the unfortunate lighting circumstances. My favorite photo is the one I took of an elephant figure. I chose to sit it in front of the brown curtains to keep a natural color present. It looks realistic to me and I think it turned out well. Below are the bullet points I chose.

  • Take a photo of a single color
  • Take a photo at an interesting angle
  • Take a photo of a bright light
  • Take a photo of someone’s shoes
  • Take a photo of an inanimate object and make it look alive
  • Take a photo of 2 things that don’t belong together
  • Take a photo that shows a repeating pattern
  • Take a photo where you move the camera
  • Take a photo that represents complexity

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4 Replies to “Photo Safari”

  1. My favorite of these is also the elephant photo! The brown background looks great, and contributes to the feeling of the elephant being alive. I also like the last one, that represents complexity….it’s taken at an angle where your eye just follows naturally.

    Really nice job! 🙂

  2. I really like the photo you used to represent complexity. That looks like it has something to do with science if I’m not mistaking, but there’s nothing more complex than science. That was a great choice for a picture.

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